Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Dear Boys 32 has been a while since I've done one of these posts! Well, here goes...

Dear Terminal,
You're Married.
Good luck with life.

Dear Half & Half,
You're Married.
Good luck with life.

Dear Canada,
You're Married.
Good luck with life.

Dear Hide-N-Seek,
You're Married.
Good luck with life.

Dear Brown,
You're Engaged.
Good luck with life.

Dear Money-Maker,
You're Engaged.
Good luck with life.

Dear Bottle,
You're Engaged.
Good luck with life.

Well, now that we have that over with...

Dear Prince Charming,
You crack me up. Every. Time.
Keep it up!

Dear Muffin-Top,
I still wonder, "What if?"

Dear Bass,
You are beautiful and quirky and I love it.
Call me?

Dear London,
We kinda click. Which is kinda awesome.

Dear Kiva,
You are quite funny. And that's my favorite.

Dear Brother,
Less than 10 months!!
Kill it kid!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

That one time I went to the other side of the world, pt.1

Remember this?

3 weeks after that post, I boarded a plane that was going to change my life. I didn't know it at the time. All I knew was that I was leaving my beloved USA and would be back in 25 days.

I never expected what would actually happen.

When we got to Accra, we went through Customs, got our luggage, rechecked our luggage, then waited to board a domestic flight to Kumasi. The flight from Accra to Kumasi was one of the scariest flights I have ever been on. There was a storm that we flew through where the turbulence got so bad that the pilot told the flight attendants that they needed to be in their seats, with their seat belts fastened.
Also the plane looked like it had come straight out of the 1950's...

Once in Kumasi, we were picked up by a KNUST (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology) bus. This bus, I would later realize, would be one of the things that I would look forward to seeing the most. It was one of the nicest vehicles on the road, and it had Air Conditioning! 

Our first night, we stayed at the SMS (School of Medical Sciences) Guest House on the KNUST Campus. This would later be something I majorly took for granted. The bathrooms had a water heater, the rooms had air conditioning, breakfast was included, and there was free WiFi! 

The rest of my time in Ghana (except the last 2 days), was spent at Westend Hostel, where we had no water heater, no AC, and no free Wifi. BUT, we did have fridges, a microwave, and 2 hot water kettles! 

The first few days at Westend, our porch, which then led to our bathroom (yes, we had to go outside to get to the bathroom), didn't have a mosquito net, but that was fixed within a few days. 

Around the corner and up the street from Westend was a pretty busy street, with a lot of shops and street vendors. This is where we did most of our shopping. Also we went to the Melcom a couple of times, which was like the Walmart of the trip.

These 2 boys were at the very first fruit stand that we shopped at. The kids in Ghana would always come up to us and say, "Abroni! How are you? What is your name?" (Abroni means "Light Person") and these kids were no different. They were a bit shy at first, but then they were talking and joking with us while we bought our fruit. 

Part 2, about what I did every day, coming soon! 

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Around a Campfire

Summertime to me means late nights, many of them spent around a campfire. I am a huge fan of the roasted mallow stuck in between some grahams and chocolate, otherwise known as Smores! 

But even more than getting to eat smores, I think there is something to be said about the atmosphere around a campfire. It's almost romantic, even with the smoke and the forever lingering smell on your clothes. Now, while my love life is pretty non-existent, I think that romantic can mean many different things. In this case, I think that it brings people together, strengthens relationships/friendships.

This past week I was at a campfire with the Relief Society of the YSA Ward that I have been avoiding joining (but that my dad just got put in the bishopric). It was at this campfire that I saw my potential in this new ward, potential to make new friends and really be touched by the women in the Welby YSA Ward. 

This past Memorial Day weekend I went up to my cabin at Bear Lake with some friends. We spent time watching a meteor shower, sunbathing, making shadow puppets, watching the radiator on my car smoke, watching movies, and, of course, had a campfire on the beach. At that campfire, as well as the rest of the trip, I feel that I was able to get to know these friends so much better than I would have just hanging out at home. At the campfire, which was the same night that my car had been smoking after driving to get pizza in Garden City, we shared funny stories, sang Disney songs, and watched Josh's dancing side come out ;) All of my stress about my car faded away for a bit as I took in the moment of fire and friendship.

 Tiffany, Katie, Me, and Josh

Katie and Tiffany

So here's to many more campfires this summer and the kindling of new friendships and building up existing ones :)

Saturday, May 17, 2014

I'm Going on an Adventure!

I was kind of like Bilbo. I had thought and thought about this decision, going back and forth and back and forth without committing. I was scared. I was nervous. I didn't know what to expect.
And then on the last morning that I could commit, I finally did. And I'm so excited. 

And just like Bilbo, I'm going on an adventure! 

I always thought, as I explained in this post, that my adventure would be going on a mission. We all know how that turned out. I never expected it to be this. 

At the U, they have a thing called MUSE, which stands for My Utah Signature Experience. This is mine.

In a few short weeks I will be flying from Salt Lake to New York, then from New York to Accra, Ghana!

I'm going to AFRICA!!

I will be there for just under a month. I am going with a group of students that consist of 9 nursing students, 1 med student, 1 pre-PA student, and 1 pre-nursing student. While I'm there, I will be working alongside the community health nurses doing well child checks and growth monitoring, Vit. A supplementation, documentation of community health trends, family counselling, health promotion, community assessments, home health visits, health screenings in schools, and more. We also will be helping with an ongoing research project through the U of U's School of Medicine, with the topic of "Incidence of Skin Diseases in school age children." 

I still have a ton to do to get ready for it, but I'm working on it day by day. 

This is my adventure. 
It's nerve-wracking and exciting and terrifying, but aren't all the best adventures? :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Real People...What?? Part 2

A little under 3 months ago, this post happened. 

I was terrified, anxious, and having panic attacks every couple of hours. Cause that's just who I am when it comes to new things.

Well, I finished my last day of my first semester clinical rotation today! And guess what??


Not once did a patient code on me (so far), only once did one of my patients have to have the Medical Emergency Team called on them, I didn't hurt anyone (at least not severely), and I had some really great nurses that I had the amazing opportunity to shadow. And I got to see open heart surgery, nbd :)

One of my favorite experiences from this semester happened on only the 2nd week of clinicals. 
I was on the Neuro Rehab unit and had taken care of this certain patient the week before, as well as this day. This particular patient had the diagnosis of a CVA (Cerebral Vascular Accident) aka a Stroke. 
When we went in to do the morning assessment, the patient was really excited to see us and told us to "Come look!" So we went over to the patient's bed, on the affected side of the body, where the patient was pointing at their fingers. The week before when I had taken care of this patient, they couldn't move their entire affected side at all. As I looked down at the fingers, I saw a slight wiggling! The patient was so so excited, which automatically made me excited as well! It was so awesome to be able to see even that tiny amount of progress and how much it meant to the patient.

While this might not seem like I huge experience, it got me thinking. I can get discouraged pretty easily over some non-essential things in my life, one of them being my lack a of dating life. I can get into a funk where my mind goes to a dark and scary place of loneliness and doubt. 
Now, I have a way to get out of that funk. 
While yes, I might not be dating, might not have done as well on that test, might not have gotten that job I applied for, etc, etc,
I can move my fingers.
I can walk on my own.
I can run if I want/need to.
I can dance.
I can feed myself, dress myself, shower myself, etc. 

I need to be grateful for the small things, because they are big things for someone else.

Yes I will..

1823 - The things you take for granted-The things you take for granted stencil someone else is praying inspirational

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Rock the U!!

Hey Bloggy Friends! 

I just wanted to let you know about a great event that is coming up this Friday night and into Saturday morning! 

Every year, the University of Utah puts on an event called "Rock the U." In essence, the actual event is an all-night dance party. It goes from 7pm Friday to 7am Saturday. 

Now why is this event so near and dear to my heart? Because it is a fundraiser and all of the proceeds go to the Huntsman Cancer Institute to be able to further cancer research. 

This year, I am dancing particularly for 3 people in my family that have battled with cancer and won, as well as 1 person that is currently still fighting the fight.

To help me in my effort to maximize the funds being raised for this great cause, I would love it if you could find it in your heart to donate. Every little bit helps! 

To donate, click HERE, which will take you to the event's website that is set up through the Huntsman Cancer Institute, aka it's not a scam. Fundraising ends at 6pm on Friday, March 21st!

Thanks for your support!

I am on the Student Alumni Board at the University of Utah and we are in a competition with the MUSS Board to see which group can raise more funds! This morning, the MUSS Board pulled ahead and THAT CAN'T HAPPEN!! If you need some friendly competition to motivate you to donate to this great cause, there ya go :)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

I'm feelin' 22!

Last week was BIRTHDAY WEEK!! 

Now, birthdays are great every year, but this year was especially great.
You know why it was so great??


For those of you that don't know, the definition of a Golden Birthday, according to Urban Dictionary, is "the birthday when you turn the same age as your birthdate." 

My birthday is February 22nd. I turned 22 this year! And not only was it my golden birthday, 22 is my favorite and lucky number! EVEN BETTER!

My dad's birthday also happens to be 3 days before mine, which obviously means that we have to celebrate for the whole week, usually starting with the President's Day Holiday each year! 

On Saturday the 15th, we went to Yogurtland and I went all out ;)

On Monday the 17th, we went out to dinner with the fam at Applebees. It was delish! 

On Tuesday the 18th, it was kinda just a chill day around the Fotheringham household.

On Wednesday the 19th, I went with a few friends to the Utah Men's Basketball Game!

On Thursday the 20th, I went to the Founder's Day Dinner at the Little America Hotel hosted by the University of Utah Alumni Association with fellow members of the Student Alumni Board.
(My awesome SAB adviser John)

(MacLane just checkin' out the scene)

(Brayden, our fearless leader, just taking a selfie on my phone)

On Friday the 21st, I went to Crimson Nights with my good friend Tiffany and we basically ate free food all night :)

On Saturday the 22nd, I went out to breakfast at Kneaders with some friends, then went to the Utah Gymnastics meet (and won $10) to witness another Utah victory, then came home and partied it up with friends!

(Muffin just takin' some pics with the sleepy heads)

It was basically just an all-around good week!

Here is some T-Swift for your enjoyment, as well as for being my theme song for the next year :)


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